Bias Free Me

We help you be more open-minded

The Team

We are a group of master students in the MEng program studying computer science.

Yao Yuan

Yidan Zhang

Lincoln Lin

Yifu Guo

User Need

People tend to interact with others who are similar to them, especially on social media. This creates an “Echo Chamber” where users tend to only hear similar voices. To encourage more balanced views and informed decisions, there needs to be a way for people to more easily interact with others who may hold different political opinions than them.

How Might We

Have college students get exposed to more diverse political opinions

Have students engage in conversations with people with different viewpoints without them having to worry about any physical or mental harm they may experience.

Video Demo

Here is a quick demo of our prototype. Please enjoy!

Preliminary User Study Satisfaction Rate


Design Concept


Chat Feature


News Feature


Overall UI / UX